The first charge levied at King George by the founders

. . . The opening two sentences (of the Declaration of Independence) are two of the most well-known sentences of any document of antiquity. They are known worldwide. Students of history and government know them well. The reasons these two sentences we penned are also known on a global scale. King George III of England ruled the colonies with an iron fist. He taxed them heavily but gave them no voice in English parliament. He housed British troops in the colonists’ houses to suppress any idea of revolt of English rule. He used these troops to intimidate the colonists. He took natural resources at will and brought them to Europe to use at his will without due payment to those that reaped them from the earth. Food, lumber, cotton, gold were all taken without due payment and left the colonists with no recourse to collect payment.

What’s not so well known, are the charges levied at King George in the Declaration. There were 27 specific charges of which those that signed their names to it thought were so severe, so incredulous, so disparaging they were willing to sacrifice their livelihoods, their fortunes and even their lives to throw off the ‘evil’ of King George.

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