UW-Stevens Point chills free speech

It’s hard to believe Wisconsin college students are almost halfway through their first semester. Unfortunately, when the school year started, instead of orientation, our kids got a head full of indoctrination.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point published a list of “Examples of Racial Microaggressions” on its official website. According to UWSP, a microaggression is described as “daily slights visited upon people of color, women, LGBT persons and other historically oppressed communities.” After some unfavorable national media attention this summer, UWSP clarified that the material is used in new faculty seminars and that the university is not banning the words but rather “building awareness” for a safe and inclusive environment on campus. Intentional or not, this list has a chilling effect on speech for new staff and especially young students who are still forming their own beliefs or worry that straying from the school sanctioned list of words and opinions could result in social repercussions or a lower grade in class.

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