DC Media Buries 7 New Scandals During Hillary Clinton’s Best! Week! Ever!

Before we get to the list, let me explain a little bit how our corrupt DC Media works. Has the DC Media “covered” some of the new Hillary scandals listed below? Sure. The DC Media “covers” pretty much everything. In the end, though, it is meaningless unless what is covered becomes part of a larger narrative. Let me give you an example.

CNN is “covering” Clinton’s bizarre story about attempting to join the Marines some 40 years ago. According to her, because she’s a woman, she was turned out at the door by a recruiter. I’m not going to get in the weeds of why Clinton’s story doesn’t pass the smell test, but it doesn’t. So CNN *is* covering the story but CNN is not covering it with anywhere near the intensity and damaging incredulity that was used in their racially-motivated attempt to destroy Ben Carson last week.

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