Obama in concert with Islam

Is US president crafting a new concert of global powers, or midwifing resurgence of Muslim influence?

Many times in these pages we have sought to plumb the depth of US President Barack Obama’s mind. Is he plain timid or utterly calculating in global affairs? What explains his passion to embrace the radical mullahs of Tehran with a softy nuclear deal, despite the fact that all America’s traditional allies in the region are calling for him to check Iran’s advances? Does he not understand that President Putin of Russia is making mincemeat and a mockery of the US-inspired postwar stability? Why his dispassionate, almost uncaring, attitude to the savagery and threat of ISIS? Many American analysts have concluded that the roots of Obama’s approach rest in the fairly widespread, quintessentially liberal convictions that America has been sinful and diplomatically domineering for decades, and must atone for its arrogance through retrenchment and accommodation.

Obama, they say, shares the progressive aversion to the use of American power.

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