Here Is What You Should Expect From the Wisconsin Primary

Now, all eyes in the GOP nomination circus are turning to the great state of Wisconsin, a state unaccustomed to this sort of attention.

It has rarely been the case that the Wisconsin primary is pivotal — for either party. Yet it is unquestionably viewed as a must-win for the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump campaigns.

Wisconsin is deep purple: nearly every state-wide election is decided on a knife’s edge of less than 5 percentage points. It is also deeply polarized: 45% of the population will vote for an Airedale if the Airedale runs as a Democrat, no matter how reasonable or accomplished the Republican candidate may be.

And the nationally televised antics which accompanied the passage of Scott Walker’s budget-balancing Act 10 legislation and the subsequent recall election provided the paradigm for the unhinged, Leftist fury which has been chasing the Donald Trump road show in recent weeks.

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