Why inner city students have no choice

Recently my daughter was married by a Roman Catholic Bishop who was our former pastor and with whom our family has a close relationship. So at the reception I had no problem venting my strong feelings about the NY Archdiocese due to the closing of inner city parochial schools on Staten Island. I had sent all my children to one and my grandchildren were students affected by the closure.

Many of the students were poor children from the Stapleton projects sent there through great personal sacrifice by parents unwilling to send them to the public school with the worst record on the Island. Even my Muslim neighbors sent them to this school for the same reason. I continued venting angrily about our current Archbishop whom I felt was responsible for the closings and reminded the Bishop that parochial schools were established to provide education to the poorest families.

Yet the closings decimated practically all the only options for inner city children to succeed. The Bishop (whom I won’t name to preserve his privacy) listened quietly to my rant and then explained exactly what the problem was which made me realize how stupid I’d been for forgetting how things worked here.

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