Protect Your Vote!

Fellow Republican,

The Clinton Campaign is working hand in hand with Jill Stein to steal this election right out from under us. They are not only bringing in their allies from Washington and California, but they are suing in a Wisconsin court for a hand recount.

We need your help to protect the integrity of the election results. You can do that by signing up to become a recount observer.

Sign Up by Clicking Here

This recount process will take round-the-clock surveillance of recount locations across the state, and we need you to sign up to be a part of our team. As we said, the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are going all in and it’s up to us to protect our democracy.

Many of you volunteered your time generously during the election, and for that we are extremely grateful. However, we once again must call on you to help us win this battle. We won this election fair and square; Wisconsin made history, so now let’s make sure the Left doesn’t take that away.

Thank you,
Charles Nichols
Election Day Operations Director