Despite Continuous Attacks, Trump Getting The Job Done

The old saying that goes; “give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves” has never been more accurate than in the lynching that CNN and other fake news media has inflicted upon itself. They bet their whole pot on the Trump/Russia collusion story which has after an entire year has come up with zero. So, what now? An apology perhaps? Maybe a mass firing of those “news” announcers who set a new all-time low for truth in reporting? We should be so lucky. No, they just change the angle of fire. Trump is still the target but the charge now is sexism.

For two days, I watched as CNN reported that Trump had really crossed the line when he complimented an Irish female reporter on her nice smile! It’s not even worth the attention I’m giving it if it weren’t for the fact that in reporting this, CNN has completely lost whatever was left of their credibility. Well instead of giving any more energy to that bunch of twits, I thought I’d mention a few of our president’s accomplishments in the few months he’s been in office.

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