SRWC Luncheon on Thu Feb 15 with Judge Michael Screnock

TOPIC: Rule of Law NOT Rule of “My Beliefs”
AT: Town Club | 7950 N. Santa Monica Blvd, Fox Point WI (414-352-6800) *Note Location!
TIME: 11:30 A.M. Social/Sign-In | 12:00 P.M. Luncheon

Guest Speaker: Judge Michael Screnock, Candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court

February 20th is a MUST VOTE day – either absentee ahead of time or in person that Tuesday. Why? On February 20th, Wisconsin selects two of the three running WI Supreme Court candidates to be on the April 3rd ballot. Only vote for the one candidate that you want sitting on the court.

Come meet and hear the one candidate in the race that abides by the rule of law (and not personal views or peer pressure)! “You don’t decide where you’re going to end and then get there,” Screnock said. “You start at the beginning, you do your research and then you go where the law takes you.”

The two others in the race are on record “the court should have allowed the [John Doe] investigation to continue,” “expressed skepticism toward those views [of the WI 2011 Voter ID law],” and “called the [Act 10] ruling wrong” – that the WI Supreme Court in upholding Act 10 “missed the issue.”

Please share the Feb 20th and April 3rd dates and remind people to vote. Votes for our side won’t “mysteriously” materialize, get rallied up for on college campuses, or bused in – we actually have to go cast our vote!

But first please join us, invite friends and family, and meet the Judge!

RSVP by Tues noon, February 13 – the earlier, the easier our job! Dine on Penny’s Pick at the Town Club – chicken salad on top of mixed greens with toasted walnuts and a honey-cinnamon vinaigrette with cookies for dessert at the Town Club. Vegetarian salad version available, if pre-ordered.

MAIL CHECK to: Carol Boettcher, 7881 Kaehlers Mill Rd, Cedarburg, WI 53012 ( Questions/RSVP 262-375-6173. Make check payable to SRWC ($22/member & first -time guest; $27/guest). Donations gladly accepted to help us cover speaker costs.