RWGM Annual Meeting & Christmas Brunch on Sat Dec 12

“Making Christmas Wishes Come True”

Your $25 ticket reservation includes a brunch buffet, a wonderful program, the first‐ever RWGM photo booth, and the opportunity to spread some holiday cheer.

Featured Speaker: Susan Marshall, Internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and founder of the Backbone Institute, LLC

10:00 AM
Tripoli Shrine Center
3000 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208
Ample Free Parking & Handicap Accessible

9:30 AM (Optional) Tour of the Tripoli Shrine Center
10:00 AM Registration, Silent Auction, and Photo Booth
10:30 AM Annual Meeting for Members Only, followed by Brunch and Program for Everyone

Silent Auction: As is our tradition, RWGM will feature a Silent Auction with some exciting items and experiences that you won’t want to miss. Only cash or personal checks accepted.

Gift Drive: This year, we will host a gift drive to benefit the children supported by the Bay View Community Center in Milwaukee. Please bring a new, unwrapped gift, suitable for a 10-12 year old boy or girl. Possible gifts would include: books, hats & gloves, games, hair accessories, craft kits, or remote controlled toys.

Questions? Maria, Christmas Committee Chairwoman,, 414-828-3059
Visit us online at

Register online at

Make a difference, Become a pollworker

Make a difference in Milwaukee County.

The Republican Party of Milwaukee County, by State statute, gets to nominate people who want to be pollworkers in their own municipalities in Milwaukee County.

Become a paid Republican Pollworker:

Be on the front line of fighting vote fraud at the polling place.
This is a paid position, you are an employee of your municipality.
You are trained by your municipal clerk.
Besides working on Election Day you also may be offered additional time  prior to the election.
We need you to respond by November 15, so that we can then appoint you to your municipality by November 30.

Being a Republican pollworker in your municipality is an excellent way to help prevent election fraud while getting paid for it at the same time. If you are interested in being a (paid) pollworker, please contact the Republican Party of Milwaukee County at (414) 755-0002.

Volunteer to become an Election Observer:

Become the “eyes and ears” of the Republican Party.
We will arm you with the tools you will need to become an effective observer.
Your presence at the polls will let “would be violators” know that “we are watching”.
We want you to volunteer for the February primary or the April election so that you are an experienced observer for the all important fall elections.
Contact the Republican Party of Milwaukee County at 414-551-4288.

For more info, go to

Be a pollworker in Milwaukee County and help stop voter fraud!

The RPMC has to submit lists of Republican pollworkers to the municipalities by November 30 of this year for the next two year period. If you are on the list, you are assured of being a paid pollworker who will have the power to stop voter fraud from happening. This time, due to a change in the statute, any resident of Milwaukee County can be a pollworker in any municipality of Milwaukee County, so you do not have to be a resident of the City of Milwaukee to be a pollworker in the City of Milwaukee.

Please let us know if you want to be a pollworker so we can put you on the list. If you have been a pollworker in the past, you still need to let us know if you want to continue as you will still need to be on the list we submit. If you want to be on the list, contact pollworker coordinator Jim McFarland at 414-665-2720, email Jim at jamesmcfarland AT , or leave a message with the Republican Party of Milwaukee County at (414) 755-0002.

Inside the GOP Debate Hall, Whom Did the Crowd Seem to Like the Most?

Two candidates got some rough treatment inside the hall.

Last night was the first serious, substantive debate held with the Republican candidates, and congratulations are due both to Fox Business Channel and to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. FBM asked serious questions and refrained from “gotcha” tactics, and Priebus — who was actually greeted like a rock star by the crowd before the broadcast began — may have successfully intimidated FBN into avoiding any semblance of CNBC’s outrageous performance.

The Milwaukee Theatre has a seating capacity of about 3,000. From my point of view, just about every seat in the place was occupied. Ticket holders were informed that the doors would open at 4:30 and everyone was to be seated by 5:30 when the doors would be closed; I arrived about 15 minutes early and found myself at the end of a queue roughly a city block long. Nevertheless, attendees were enthusiastic despite the line and the promise of a four-and-a-half-hour, two-debate session. (There were commercial breaks, of course, as well as the long break between the first and second debates during which people could stretch, go to the facilities, and so on, but it was nonetheless heartening to see).

The crowd was orderly and well-mannered — typical of the Midwest, and especially Midwestern Republicans. The same could not be said for the leftist protesters outside.

Read more by Avner Zarmi at

Presidential Candidate Debate in Milwaukee on Tue Nov 10

The eyes of the nation will be watching the debate November 10th from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Republican Party of Milwaukee County will keep you posted if there are any events the candidates will be scheduling before and/ or after the debate in Milwaukee. Stay tuned to potentially meet our Republican Presidential candidates!

We no longer have any tickets available, and we are no longer looking for volunteers for the debate.

Milwaukee GOP debate viewing details

HONEST and ACCURATE Elections are a vital part of our republic

Honest and alert ELECTION WORKERS are a key to fair elections.
Can you serve as an election worker in 2016?

* Four elections in 2016, all on Tuesdays
* You work from 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM
* One-hour training class
* You have the satisfaction of a job well done!

The Republican Party of Milwaukee County can nominate you to be a Republican election worker in your community. This time, due to a change in the statute, any resident of Milwaukee County can be a pollworker in any municipality of Milwaukee County, so you do not have to be a resident of the City of Milwaukee to be a pollworker in the City of Milwaukee. If you are interested in doing this very important job, Call the RPMC at (414) 755-0002 and leave a message, or contact pollworker coordinator James McFarland at 414-665-2720. Thank You.

Please submit your name no later than November 15, 2015 for consideration for the next elections.

Why is Tom Barrett still allowing diluted poop to be dumped into the lake?

For years now the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District has been dumping millions of gallons of raw sewage into Lake Michigan.

We have spent over a billion on a “deep tunnel” that doesn’t work during a heavy rain.

Scott Walker says we should separate the sewers in Milwaukee, the cause of the problem. This can be done over the next 30 years, as they need replacing. So we can FINALLY stop dumping shit into the lake.

Walker has a plan. And Barrett has . . . ?