President Donald J. Trump (official)
Donald Trump for President (campaign)

US Senator Ron Johnson (official)
Ron Johnson for US Senate (campaign)

1st Congressional District – Paul Ryan (official)
Paul Ryan for Congress (campaign)

5th Congressional District – James Sensenbrenner (official)
Jim Sensenbrenner for Congress (campaign)

6th Congressional District – Glenn Grothman (official)
Glen Grothman for Congress (campaign)


Wisc. Governor Scott Walker (official)
Scott Walker for Governor (campaign)

Wisc. Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (official)
Rebecca Kleefisch for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor (campaign)

Wisc. Attorney General Brad Schimel (official)
Brad Schimel for Wisc. Attorney General (campaign)

Wisc. State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk (official)
Matt Adamczyk for Wisc. State Treasurer (campaign)

Who Are My Wisconsin State Legislators? Find Your Representative

Wisconsin State Senate:

5th District – Leah Vukmir (official)
Leah Vukmir for State Senate (campaign)

8th District – Alberta Darling (official)
Alberta Darling for State Senate (campaign)

28th District – David Craig (official)
David Craig for State Senate (campaign)

Wisconsin State Assembly:

13th District – Rob Hutton (official)
Rob Hutton for State Assembly (campaign)

14th District – Dale Kooyenga (official)
Dale Kooyenga for State Assembly (campaign)

15th District – Joe Sanfelippo (official)
Joe Sanfelippo for State Assembly (campaign)

21st District – Jessie Rodriguez (official)
Jessie Rodriguez for State Assembly – 21st District (campaign)

22nd District – Janel Brandtjen (official)
Janel Brandtjen for State Assembly – 22nd District (campaign)

23rd District – Jim Ott (official)
Jim Ott for State Assembly – 23rd District (campaign)

24th District – Dan Knodl (official)
Dan Knodl for State Assembly – 24th District (campaign)

82nd District – Ken Skowronski (official)
Ken Skowronski for State Assembly – 82nd District (campaign)

83rd District – Chuck Wichgers (official)
Chuck Wichgers for State Assembly – 83rd District (campaign)

84th District – Mike Kuglitsch (official)
Mike Kuglitsch for State Assembly – 84th District (campaign)


Milwaukee County Elected Officials (official)
Milwaukee County Executive (official)
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors (official)

Local Municipalities

Links to the 19 communities of Milwaukee County