Politics These Days

Politics these days, amirite?

It’s a common refrain, both in the news media and among Americans who are sick and tired of hearing politicians battle over insults rather than ideas. Imagine, for a moment, if politics was actually about uniting Americans, not dividing us.

That’s the kind of America that House Republicans are working towards. It’s a confident America, where people are empowered to reach their full potential.

Speaker Ryan explains more in the 43-second video below.

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Sarah Palin advocates for Donald Trump in Wisconsin – video

April 1st, 2016 • Sarah Palin advocated for presidential candidate Donald Trump at Wisconsin’s biggest 2016 GOP event. Palin spoke on behalf of Trump mere days ahead of Wisconsin’s Republican primary at the Milwaukee County Republican party dinner.


Sen. Ron Johnson On FOX News with Bret Baier

Ron Johnson discussed the threat of Islamic terror with Bret Baier on Fox News recently. You can watch the entire interview here, and here are some excerpts:

On the Brussels attack: “We’re all vulnerable, and we need to recognize that fact. … What we need to do is start preventing these attacks – we have to defeat Islamic terror.”

On the threat to America: “It’s a real threat – we saw it in Fort Hood, Texas, we saw it in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we saw it in San Bernardino, California. There was a plot foiled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at a Masonic Temple at the end of January.”

On our biggest threat: “It continues to be people in America that are self-radicalized. I would say our completely unsecured southern border is also a threat.”


If a Republican Had Done What Obama Has, He’d Be Impeached


During an interview on Fox News’ “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer called President Obama’s executive actions “unbelievably unconstitutional” and lawless.

Krauthammer pointed to a double standard in Washington and asserted that if the President were a Republican, “the people would be up in arms and would be impeaching.”

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