After Paris

That’s enough cultural appeasement; let’s fight for the Enlightenment.

Less than 24 hours after the barbarism in Paris, the bodies of more than 120 concertgoers, Friday-night revellers and children barely cold, and the apologism has already begun. They couldn’t even wait a whole day, these cultural appeasers, whose kneejerk response to every act of terrorism is to ask what we the wicked West did to deserve it, or to argue that we the wicked West will make things worse with our response to it. The simple fact of our existence makes us ripe for murderous assault, apparently; and the folly of responding to such assaults with either police activity at home or military activity abroad makes us riper still for attack. We’re damned if we stay still, damned if we take action. Our citizens must die because our nations are nasty.

Right now, the apology for terror, the liberal self-loathing that says ‘Of course they attack us’, is sporadic. It’s in the Guardian commentary arguing that such attacks are a product of ‘high youth unemployment’ and ‘racist discrimination against Arabs and Africans [in France]’, a foul racist argument masquerading as progressive empathy, which implies that such Arabs and Africans are so lacking in the moral autonomy enjoyed by us well-educated whites that they have no choice but to gun down scores of people as a kneejerk, Pavlovian response to individual difficulty. It’s a warped line of argument which has no answer whatsoever for why earlier generations of the unemployed or racially demeaned did not take hostage youths at a rock concert and then massacre them.

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