Happy Easter


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The Ten Principles of a Free Society

1. Rights belong to individuals, not groups; they derive from our nature and can neither be granted nor taken away by government.

2. All peaceful, voluntary economic and social associations are permitted; consent is the basis of the social and economic order.

3. Justly acquired property is privately owned by individuals and voluntary groups, and this ownership cannot be arbitrarily voided by governments.

4. Government may not redistribute private wealth or grant special privileges to any individual or group.

5. Individuals are responsible for their own actions; government cannot and should not protect us from ourselves.

Read more by Ron Paul at LewRockwell.com

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Have a blessed Passover

star-of-davidMay the miracle of Passover live on in your heart forever.


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Milw South Branch Mtg on Tue April 30

RPMC logostarting at 7:00pm
at Benny’s Cafe located at 5354 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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SRWC Luncheon on Thu April 18

TOPIC: Prison Reform 2 and Future Focus
AT: Wisconsin Club | 6200 West Good Hope Road, Milwaukeee53223 (414-353-8800)
TIME: 11:30 A.M. Social/Sign-In | 12:00 P.M. Luncheon

Guest Speaker(s):
Bradley Boivin, Clinical Psychologist, defender of Brian Hagedorn
TBA – we have invites out to a few favorites as a second speaker

Bradley Boivin wrote, Crying Foul on Attacks on Hagedorn for RightWisconsin, which was widely shared. His testimonial for Brian is impressive. It says a lot about both their characters during a time of brutish attacks.

We will also hear about another side of prison reform, which is a hot topic for 2020 that Trump is working on. Bradley is a clinical psychologist and in the article who advocates for integrating trauma-informed care into re-entry programs. Last month gave us a solid foundation of what prison reform should NOT look like and involve. This month we’ll hear how it might work and under what circumstances. (more…)

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Cong Sensenbrenner Town Hall Meetings

Jim Sensenbrennerin the Milwaukee area

Tuesday, April 16th
7:00pm New Berlin City Hall

Wednesday, April 17th
7:00pm Elm Grove Village Hall

Monday, July 1st
7:00pm Wauwatosa Public Library

Sunday, July 14th
7:00pm Menomonee Falls Village Hall

MORE Town Hall Meetings

Throughout my career, I have consistently held town hall meetings that are open to the public, and I’m pleased to resume this practice now after recovering from a recent hip replacement surgery. These events are an important way for me to engage with constituents and get direct feedback that informs my decision-making in Congress. Open and honest dialogue between elected officials and their constituents is crucial for a representative government, and I look forward to these upcoming meetings.

If you have any questions about attending a town hall meeting or office hours, please contact my Brookfield Office at (262) 784 – 1111

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Efficient Government Agencies

How to cut government spending where bureaucrats will WANT to cut!

It is a well known and quite understandable reaction of any bureau to make sure that the current year’s budget has been spent by the end of the fiscal year, even on unnecessary projects, else they lose it. Personal interest should have every employee watching for any possible waste of the taxpayer’s dollars.

A new budgeting policy for each bureau should be established, where any unspent budgeted funds at the end of the fiscal year shall be equally divided up and paid out to all of the employees in that bureau, and, then the lower budget figure, pre-disbursement, would be used for the next fiscal year, with, again, any unspent surplus being distributed to the employees who made the surplus possible.

No money would be saved the first year, but from then on every department would have continuously lowering budgets. Could the cost of running the state be cut in half in three years? I think so. The bottom line would be far more efficient and less costly state services.

(Idea from Wayne Green)

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A fine is a tax for doing wrong . . .

. . . and a tax is a fine for doing well.

Well said . . . by whom?

P.S. So, government will get you either way?

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Eliminate Withholding

and you will have tax reform within a year.


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Republican Women of Greater Milwaukee Coffee Klatch on Sat April 13

at 1:00 pm, Bennys Cafe, 5354 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI

Our speaker:
Leah Vukmir, Vice President of State Affairs – National Taxpayers Union.

The month of April reminds us of spring, but it also reminds us of taxes.  We must file our taxes by April 15 every year.  Leah will talk to us about the National Taxpayers Union.


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