Election Information

Upcoming Elections in Wisconsin in 2024

Tuesday February 20, 2024: Wisconsin Presidential Primary done
Tuesday April 2, 2024: Spring Election done

Tuesday August 13, 2024: Wisconsin State Primary

Tuesday November 5, 2024: General Election


Bank Your Vote

Vote Early. Sign up today at wi.bankyourvote.com

Register To Vote

Head to MyVote Wisconsin to find out information on the following:
+ My Voter Info
+ Find My Polling Place
+ What’s On My Ballot
+ Update My Name or Address
+ Register To Vote
+ Vote Absentee By Mail
+ Track My Ballot
+ Vote Absentee In Person

Request Your Ballot

You can request an absentee ballot by filling out this form. It normally takes up to seven days for ballots to arrive after a request has been placed.

If you’d like to track the status of your absentee ballot in the mail, you can do so here.

Find Your Polling Place

You can use Wisconsin’s online voter database to find your polling place.

If you’re voting in-person, remember to bring an acceptable form of photo ID.

Become A Poll Worker

Pollworkers, also kown as Election Inspectors, are essential to conduct open, accurate and fair elections. Their priority is to ensure every eligible voter can exercise their right to vote by following Election Day procedures and providing excellent customer service to voters. The Election Commission is in need of additional bilingual (fluent in English/Spanish or English/Hmong speaking) election inspectors.

For more information please call the Milwaukee Election Commission at 414-286-3491 or fill out an application on the commission’s website.

Wisconsin Election Commission: Become a Pollworker

See Sharon Foley from the RPMC.

Become An Election Observer

Volunteer to observe an election to make sure election procedures are followed, and to make sure that Republicans get out and vote!

Photo ID Requirements

Beginning with the 2015 Special Election, all Wisconsin voters must show an acceptable photo ID before voting. This includes voters at polling places and many absentee voters.


For more information about Obtaining a free identification (ID) card, visit the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles website

or call (414) 266-1000.