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RPMC Structure

RPMC Officers/ Branches
Executive Committee of the (RPMC) Republican Party of Milwaukee County

RPMC Executive Committee – 17 members
Officers – 5 members
Branch chairs – 6 branches
Immediate Past Chair – 1 member
Member-At-Large – 3 members
Finance Chair – 1 member
Membership Chair – 1 member

Five officers:
Chairman: Hilario Deleon
1st Vice Chair: Brett Galazewski
2nd Vice Chair: Cindy Werner
Secretary: Purnima Nath
Treasurer: Aleksandrs Vilumsons

Six Branch Chairs:
Milwaukee North Branch: Orlando Owens
Milwaukee South Branch: Darlene Wink
Northshore: Tom Meyer
Southwest Suburban: Jonathan Wichmann
Wauwatosa: Joel Richmond
West Allis/West Milwaukee: Christine Klug

Immediate Past Chair: David Karst

Three Members-At-Large:
Member-At-Large: Sharon Foley
Member-At-Large: Robert Mulcahy
Member-At-Large: John Pudner

Two Committee chairs on the Exec Board:
Finance: Doug Haag
Membership: John Graber, Jr.

Other Committees
Constitution/ ByLaws: John Graber, Jr.

Elections, Committeemen & Poll workers: Sharon Foley

Budget: Purnima Nath
Candidate Vetting: Brett Galazewski
Election Integrity: Brett Galazewski

Election Commissioners

(are elected at the odd-year caucus after a presidential election.
City of Milwaukee Election Commissioner: Doug Haag
Milwaukee County Election Commissioner: Helmut Fritz
Wisconsin Election Commissioner: Bob Spindell


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