The RPMC supports Republican candidates and Republican elected officials in Wisconsin and beyond.


Trump MAGA 2024 Sticker

Donald Trump for President (campaign)

US Senator Ron Johnson (official website) – Ron Johnson for US Senate (campaign)

Eric Hovde for US Senate (campaign)

1st Congressional District – Bryan Steil (official website) – Bryan Steil for Congress (campaign)

4th Congressional District – Tim Rogers for Congress (campaign)

4th Congressional District – Purnima Nath for Congress (campaign)

5th Congressional District – Scott Fitzgerald (official website) – Scott Fitzgerald for Congress (campaign)

6th Congressional District – Glenn Grothman (official website) – Glenn Grothman for Congress (campaign)

Our Federal Senators

Our Federal Representatives



Wisconsin State Treasurer – John Leiber (official website) John Leiber for Wisc. Treasurer (campaign)

Who Are My Wisconsin State Legislators? Find Your Representative

Wisconsin State Senate:

District 5 – Sen. Rob Hutton (official website) – Rob Hutton for State Senate (campaign)

District 20 – Sen. Duey Stroebel (official website) – Duey Stroebel for State Senate (campaign)

District 21 – Sen. Van Wanggard (official website) – Van Wanggaard for State Senate (campaign)

District 28 – Sen. Julian Bradley (official website) – Julian Bradley for State Senate (campaign)

Wisconsin State Assembly:

District 13 – Tom Michalski (official website) – Tom Michalski for State Assembly (campaign) (In Primary)

District 13 – Patti Granger for State Assembly Candidate (In Primary)

District 14 – Jim Engstrand for State Assembly Candidate

District 15 – Dave G. Maxey (official website) – Dave Maxey for State Assembly (campaign)

District 21 – Jessie Rodriguez (official website) – Jessie Rodriguez for State Assembly (campaign)

District 22 – Janel Brandtjen (official website) – Janel Brandtjen for State Assembly (campaign)

District 23 – Laurie O’Brien Wolf for State Assembly Candidate

District 24- Dan Knodl (official website) – Dan Knodl for State Assembly (campaign)

District 62- Robert Wittke (official website) – Robert Wittke for State Assembly (campaign)

New District 84 – Chuck Wichgers (official website) – Chuck Wichgers for 82nd State Assembly (campaign)

District 83 – Nik Rettinger (official website) – Nik Rettinger for 83rd State Assembly (campaign)

New District 61st – Robert “Bob” Donovan (official website) – Robert Donovan for 84th State Assembly (campaign) ( In Primary)

District 61st – Martin Gomez (Facebook Page) Martin Gomez For Assembly ( In Primary)


Milwaukee County Executive (official website)

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors (official website)

Local Municipalities

Links to the 19 communities of Milwaukee County

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