“Is There Any Free Speech for Conservatives on the College Campus?”

A talk by Dr. John McAdams, formerly of Marquette University
Wed. August 16, 2017, 6:30pm

Location: Mayfair Mall at North Avenue and Mayfair Road, Room G-110 in the Garden Suites

Recent news has been full of violent incidents on college campuses in which student and faculty liberal activists have blocked the scheduled presentations by nationally-known conservative speakers. College administrators often prevent conservative student groups from using university facilities for their meetings. Liberal faculty do not allow conservative students to present their views in class discussions or papers.

Dr. McAdams, a popular tenured professor at Marquette University, was recently dismissed for his criticism of another teacher who prevented students from expressing a conservative view of homosexual marriage. Dr. McAdams will present incidents of conservative speech being suppressed on campuses around the country. He is an engaging speaker and is an expert on this important topic in higher education.

Questions? Call Karen Albers, Chair, Wauwatosa Republican branch, at 414-774-9352

(Read more for directions to the event location)
Directions to the meeting room: Mayfair Mall entrance at North Avenue and 104th Street. Drive north to the AMC IMAX movie theater. Go through the covered parking area to the door. Past the Egyptian Art store on the right is the sign for Garden Suites East. Go through the glass door and take the stairway or elevator to the lower level. Turn left and follow the corridor to Room G-110, Community Room. (If you enter the mall by another door, the elevator for Garden Suites East is in the last corridor on the right, before Macy’s.)