See You In Milwaukee
The Road to the White House Run Through Milwaukee

The Road To The White House Runs Through Milwaukee
Community Round Table Discussions
Community Round Table Discussions
Building Coalitions
Become a Delegate to the Republican State Convention

Become A Delegate to the Republican State Convention
Advocacy from Wisconsin to the White House

Advocacy from Wisconsin to Washington
Strengthening Wisconsin's Relationships

Strengthening Wisconsin's Relationships
Building Relationships with our College Republicans

Building Partnerships With Our College Republicans
Standing Up for Election Integrity
Standing Up For Election Integrity
Join Operation Connecting Milwaukee & Trump Force 47
Join Operation Connecting Milwaukee & Trump Force 47
Volunteer for Parades
Volunteer for Parades
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About the Republican Party


The RPMC (Republican Party of Milwaukee County) is becoming the flagship of the Republican movement in the great state of Wisconsin. We are a diverse group of members sharing the core principles of the Republican Party and the America First mission.  We help elect candidates that will best represent our American values. Please reach out to us and learn more about how you can make a difference today!

We work with the following:

RPW: Republican Party of Wisconsin, Regional Field Director Tom Meyer, 414-634-2996

RNC: Republican National Committee

College Republicans of America

Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans

Wisconsin Young Republicans

Milwaukee Young Republicans

National Federation of Republican Women

WI Federation of Republican Women

Republican Women of Greater Milwaukee

RPMC Calendar

Operation Connecting Milwaukee Sign Up

Chairman’s Message

April 30, 2024, Milwaukee-Mammoth_Issue-10
My fellow Republicans, with all the chaos happening across the Country, I would ike to share with you some words of encouragement in this month’s Milwaukee Mammoth Newsletter.

I hope these words will be something to remember as to what is driving our passion for this movement.
-Hilario Deleon

Champion Your Beliefs

Join the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.  Our dedicated community works together to uphold conservative values in Milwaukee county. Join now.

Champion Your Voice

We stand for a stronger community, fiscal responsibility, and personal freedom.

What We Do

* Voter outreach campaigns
* Policy development workshops
* Community advocacy programs
* Youth empowerment initiatives
* Election campaign strategy planning
* Public relations and media management

Serving a Purpose in Our Community

We are a diverse group of members sharing the core principles of the Republican Party. We help elect Republicans because we passionately share the same American values. Please reach out to us and learn more about how you can make a difference today!

Membership Options

Individual Membership: $20.00
Family Membership: $30.00
Individual – Senior Citizen (65+): $15.00
Family – Senior Citizen (65+): $25.00
Student (full time high school or college): $10.00

Membership Info

How can I join?
To join our political party, simply visit our website and fill out the membership form online

What are the membership benefits?
As a member, you’ll have voting right at caucuses, access to exclusive events, and opportunities to get involved in politics.

How can I support the party?
You can support us by attending events, volunteering, donating, or spreading our message in the community.

Can I run for office?
Yes, as a member, you can run for office, or participate in our candidate selection process.

How can I stay updated?
Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and attending regular meetings and events.

How can I contact you?
For any inquiries, you can reach out to us via email, phone 414-897-7202, or visit our campaign headquarters in West Allis.

Get in touch
Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Read the Chairman’s message 

Membership form
Download and print out this form, and mail to:
RPMC (Republican Party of Milwaukee County)
PO Box 14665, West Allis, WI 53214